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Nathan Dunlap death sentence reprieve executive order

New (February 2013), and critical, evaluation of Coloraodo DOC's Sex Offencer Treatment Program (SOTP).

Video clip of Phil Cherner's comments on Holmes case for KDVR-TV, July 24, 2012.

Phil Cherner is mentioned in this July 21, 2012 Denver Post article.

Phil Cherner is mentioned in this June 16, 2012 Denver Post article.

Phil Cherner is mentioned in this May 9, 2012 Denver Post article.

DOC has released a new report on solitary confinement. DOC uses "ad seg" at nearly 7 times the national average, but to its credit has cut the population by nearly 300 over the last few months.

There's a new report from the SOMB evaluating the effictiveness of standards-based sex offender treatment. The report concludes the data does not support the conclusion that the treatment reduces recidivism. "The policies prescribed by the Adult Standards and Guidelines for the management and treatment of adult sex offenders appear to limit sexual recidivism post–release from supervision for adult sex offenders who successfully completed either probation or parole. Notwithstanding the literature, the data alone does not provide sufficient independent evidence to support this claim and is therefore less conclusive." See the report at: http://dcj.state.co.us/odvsom/sex_offender/SO_Pdfs/2011%20Adult%20Standards%20and%20Guidelines%20Outcome%20Evaluation.pdf

Phil Cherner published an article in the February 2010 The Colorado Lawyer, which described in detail why felons sentenced in Colorado serve, on average, 70% of their sentence.

A copy of the article is available here.

In November Phil Cherner completed hosting "CSI Colorado in 2011" for CLE, Inc. Over 100 lawyers attended.

Over the years, Phil has spoken on numerous aspects of criminal defense, the law, and society. He has spoken before many of the area's leading legal groups.

The Colorado Bar Association, Denver Bar Association, and Colorado Women's Bar Association are among the groups that Phil Cherner has spoken before. Additional groups include the Criminal Defense Bar, Colorado State Public Defenders, and National Lawyer's Guild, among others.

In addition to being a highly-respected attorney in Denver, Phil Cherner is an avid photographer.

Photos by Phil Cherner have appeared in a variety of publications.

Some of Phil's photos were recently displayed at the Festimatge 2012 exhibition in Calella, Spain, in April.

Petra, Jordan

The ancient city of Petra, Jordan.

Visit the photography section of the site to see many examples of Phil's photography.

News About Phil Cherner

News stories about Denver-based attorney at law, Phil Cherner, have appeared in a variety of media. Specializing in criminal defense and attorney grievance defense, Phil has often been mentioned by the press. Many published mentions have been about Phil Cherner's work with leading professional organizations or about humanitarian endeavors.

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Co-Chair: Justice Coordinating Committee

The purpose of the Denver's Crime Prevention and Control Commission (CPCC) Justice Coordinating Committee is to analyze the functioning of the criminal justice system at the seven major decision points, coordinate systems through technology, ongoing system mapping and make recommendations to the Commission about system-wide policy, intermediate sanctions and alternatives to sentencing, programmatic and operational improvements.

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2005 Abolitionist of the Year: Phil Cherner

Diligent, determined and dedicated. That describes the work of a death penalty lawyer, and it definitely describes Phil Cherner. It is no surprise that the Coloradans for Alternatives to the Death Penalty have chosen him for the Abolitionist Award. ...

Beyond the Dunlap case, Phil's zeal for the defense of the poor and downtrodden is remarkable. In 2002, with the backing of the Colorado Criminal Defense Bar, he started the parole project. For the first year, he personally footed the bill for all of the collect calls that came in from clients at the Arapahoe County Jail. Even as we were in the throes of the Dunlap hearing, Phil spent time during lunch hours working on parole matters - pro bono, of course.

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