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Phil Cherner

In addition to his law practice, Phil Cherner is an internationally recognized photographer. Some of his work was recently on display at the Festimatge 2012 exhibition in Calella, Spain.

A Morning on RTD's Light Rail On July 23, 2002, I spent the morning riding and photographing RTD's light rail system, the trains, the stations and the people. Click on the thumbnail photos for a larger view. It was a clear morning as the sun was just coming up. I bought a $5 roundtrip express ticket. Why RTD calls these things "express" is a mystery since there is only one train and it stops at every station. What they really mean is that it costs more to travel further. They should call it "long distance" or something. Anyway, the idea was to photograph light rail during rush hour, because it seemed like an interesting story, and the light is terrific for photos at that hour.