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In addition to his law practice, Phil Cherner is an internationally recognized photographer. Some of his work was recently on display at the Festimatge 2012 exhibition in Calella, Spain.

Serengeti National Park The name Serengeti comes from the Maasai word “Siringet” which means “endless plain.” The plains were formed 3 - 4 mIMG_0969 tweaked zebra.jpg (276375 bytes)illion yearsago when ash blown from volcanoes in the Ngorongoro highlands covered the rolling landscape. The thick layers of ash established the rich soil which supports the vast grass plains. It was originally declared a game reserve in 1929. In 1951, the reserve became the first national park in what was then known as Tanganyika. Covering 5,700 square miles, the park is roughly the size of the U.S. state of Connecticut. One of the biggest attractions is the annual migration of over one million wildebeest that travel north during the dry season in search of water and food. Wildebeest survive as a species due to their sheer numbers. During the calving season in February, more that 8000 wildebeest calves are born every day. Calves are nudged by their mothers to stand within 5 minutes of birth since they must be mobile to escape predators.